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Phantasm, vol. 3, no. 3, issue 15, 1978
Independent literary journal of original poetry, fiction, artwork, articles, features, photos, commentary, reviews, interviews, and announcements.


H. R. Coursen
A Way of Getting There: 15 January, 1978

Stuart Friebert
On Losing a Son
Sunday Papers
You Say You're Not Afraid of Me Either

R. Nelson Inman
Tax Collector
Sunday Prayer

Peter Kunz
Petty Theft

Dorothy Monahan
In the Pasture
A Message to Our Men

Fredrick Nicklaus
Axis Deviation

Adrian C. Louis
Elegy for Marilyn
The Death of Public Joy

Nona Nimnicht
Woman from China Hill
The Dead: The Question of Their Return

Sanford Pinsker
A Poem, Nearly Anonymous

Wendy Rose
I remember lying awake
The Way They See You: Funeral Song for Pauline Bell

Paul Shuttleworth
A Poem Written While Breaking Curfew with Rod "Stork" Wallace in Corpus Christi, Texas, After the Texas City Stars Won a Game
The Third Monday of the Week

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Interlude by David Mitchell

Come Here My Little Gerbil by Patricia Traxler

Heat by David O'Dell

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Features and Articles

Poets Rally for Media Attention by Larry S. Jackson (3 photos by Peter Fillingham). Coverage of the First National Poets for Poetry Rally in New York City May 6, 1978.

"The Poet": An Experience in Ballet by John Wilkins (1 photo of John Wilkins and Beth Riggs, courtesy Delaware Regional Ballet Co.). Stage performance of "The Poet" uses the poet as a symbol of the artist in ballet.

Printmakers' Art Is Featured (2 photos by Larry S. Jackson of Jerril Dean Green-Kopp and Marion Epting).

Hemingway and the Ultimate Punch Line by Digby Diehl (1 photo by Betty Schwartz of Sol Schwartz's portrait of Ernest Hemenway). The First International Imitation Hemingway Competition awards woman the winner at Harry's Bar and American Grill in Century City, California. (Winning story by Patricia Traxler is reprinted.)

Programmer Responds to Critics, Solicits Poets by Bill Thomas. Radio stations receive encouragement from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters offering outlets for poetry.

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Book Reviews

The World Seen Twice and Double: Recent books by Vern Rutsala by Gary Thompson (1 photo of Vern Rutsala). Commentary on Rutsala and three of his titles, Laments, The Journey Begins, and Paragraphs.

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Marion Epting (5), Jerril Dean Green-Kopp (6)

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Guest Columnist

Literature Program and the NEA by Livingston Biddle, Jr., chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts. Plans for restructuring the staff of the NEA agency itself, seeking increased cooperation with other agencies, both federal and non-federal, and strengthening the National Council of the Arts. Overview of the Endowment and its affects on the individual and society and what to do next.

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Poets Work to Turn the Tide by Larry S. Jackson, Phantasm editor.  Support national rallies for poetry that advocate media attention.

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34 announcements of national literary events

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