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Ragwings Over The Sacramento River: Early aviation in Sacramento County, the westside counties, and the far northern counties of the Sacramento Valley 1909–1939
Evolution of early aviation throughout California's Sacramento Valley

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Chapter 1
Knabenshue’s dirigible flights of 1909 – Roy Crosby flies first – The “Fiesta of the Dawn of Gold” state fair committee hires Hamilton – Ivy Baldwin tries for state fair flying job
Chapter 2
Charlie Hamilton flies at the state fair – The crash of the Hamiltonian – Kerns and the phony “Bud” Mars – Chappell and Brainard, aeroplane builders – The nation’s top exhibition pilots come to Sacramento with Dick Ferris’ air circus – Ivan Gates brings the Bay Area’s best to fly at the fairgrounds – Bob Fowler and the first power line patrol – Lincoln Beachey at Sacramento
Chapter 3
Frank Bryant and Sam Purcell fly for the 1917 California State Fair – Liberty Iron Works build JN-4s for war – Mather Field is created – Great War aviators at Sacramento – Jack Irwin
Chapter 4
Postwar Aviation – Mather Field pathfinder flights – The creation of Del Paso Airport – An airfield at Curtis Oaks – The War Mother’s Aero Circus – Sacramento flying in 1921 and 1922 – Sacramento Valley airports in 1922
Chapter 5
Chinese flying school at Courtland – Sierra Aircraft Company and its airfield – First Annual Sacramento Air Meet – US Air Mail Service plane lands at Sacramento
Chapter 6
A revitalized municipal airport at Del Paso Park – Irwin Airport is abandoned by its creator – Sierra Airport is renamed Eagle Rock Airport 
Chapter 7
Capital Air Lines – The Sacramento Aircraft Show of 1928 – Flying activities at Sacramento airports – Replacing Del Paso Airport – Final years at Eagle Rock Airport
Chapter 8 
New airlines and flying services – Roseville opens an airport – Del Paso hangs on – New municipal airport sites are studied – The Sacramento Aviation Club – NAA Chapter is formed – New management at Del Paso – The first California Air Tour
Chapter 9
Prominent Sacramento aviators of the 1920s – John Fulton “Jack” Irwin – Henry G. “Andy” Andrews – Ray E. Nicholson – Ingvald Fagerskog ­– Leo Moore – Walter L. Lockhoof – Jack Beilby – Arthur F. Mickel – Ken Blaney – A. B. Willett
Chapter 10
A new municipal airport on Freeport Boulevard – Airwar over the Sacramento Valley – A grand airport dedication – New flying businesses on a new airport – Aircraft movements at the new airport – Sacramento flying activities for 1931 through 1933
Chapter 11
Commercial flying at the new municipal airport – Forrest Earle Bennett – Bob Laurin – Harold G. “Buzz” Slingsby – Summit Flying Service – Kimball Flying Service – Capital Airlines Inc. – Boeing Air Transport – Pacific Air Transport – Century Pacific Lines Ltd. – Consolidated Air Lines – Varney Air Lines
Chapter 12
Women in aviation – Sacramento’s Avis Bielefeld – Sacramento flying activities 1936 and beyond – B-17s at Sacramento Muni in 1937 – Del Paso Airport’s final years

Part II. Early Aviation in Colusa and Glenn Counties
Chapter 13
Agricultural flying history – Chasing ducks – Duck patrol in 1920 – Moffett and Hunt in Glenn County – Seeding and dusting crops in the north state – Colonel Livingston Irving – Merced-Wawona Air Lines and Frank Gallison 
Chapter 14
The rice season of 1931 – Early flying attempts at Colusa – Chadwick Thompson flies duck hunters – Colusans choose an airport site – Colusa Airport dedication
Chapter 15
Albert Lane – A Korean flying school – Postwar barnstormers – Willows Airport established – Willows Airport dedication– Orland’s airports – Glenn County flying activities
Chapter 16
The 1930 Army Air Corps Maneuvers – Floyd Nolta, the Willows Airport manager –Flying activities at Willows – Willows Air Show of 1933 – A larger air show in 1935 – A better air show in 1937 – The best and last air show of the 1930s

Part III. Early Flying in Tehama, Shasta, and Yolo Counties
Chapter 17
Corning’s first airport – Warren Woodson develops an airport – Ben Torrey, airport manager – Pacific Air Transport and West Coast Air Transport choose Corning – Fuel stop for the famous – Corning’s first air show – Ben Torrey does it all – Torrey’s final days – The Corning Air Show jinx
Chapter 18
Didier Masson makes first flight in Tehama County – Red Bluff fire patrol base –Gates Flying Circus at the Round-Up – Lindbergh circles Red Bluff – “Aces Up” at the county fair – Red Bluff flying activities – The Gordon and Stryker airplane – Red Bluff loses airport managers
Chapter 19
Captain Moore and his dirigible over Redding – Frank Bryant and Roy Francis fly first – Air Service fire patrols – Pendleton and Merwin barnstorm Redding – John W. Benton – Flying activities in Shasta County from 1927 – Redding chooses an airport site – Benton Field dedication activities
Chapter 20
Frank Johnson makes Woodland’s first flight – Ivy Baldwin races a train – Thad Kerns flies an exhibition – Woodland’s wartime airport – Charlie Stoffer barnstorms Woodland – The Yolo Fliers Club – O. H. Pratt – Yolo Fliers Club has first air meet – Flier Club Floral Festival Air Meet – William Sanborn killed flying the mail – Best Field – Ernie Moe

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Stansbury Publishing is an imprint of Heidelberg Graphics

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Ragwings Over The Sacramento River by Allen Herr and Kathe Herr

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