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Thinking Critically: The Gadfly Exercises from the writings of Jerome by Jerome A. Dirnberger
Scenarios developed to encourage the reader's own answers to some of life's most challenging questions dealing with sex, love, religion, and politics. 

About the Author

After spending several years in the Jesuits (Society of Jesus), Jerome "Jerry" Dirnberger received a BA from the University of Notre Dame concentrating his studies in early Christianity. He did graduate studies in cultural anthropology at the University of Colorado. His professional career has been in business. He continues his interests in comparative religions and religious philosophy and wrote The Writings of Jerome in 2010. Since then he's authored the Tao Te Ching: A Twenty-First Century English Interpretation by Jerome in 2016, Thinking Critically: The Gadfly Exercises in 2018, and The Gospel of Thomas: The Original Sayings of Jesus in 2018.

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Click to order Thinking Critically: The Gadfly Exerxises

Click to order Thinking Critically: The Gadfly Exercises from the Writings of Jerome by Jerry A. Dirnberger, $12

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